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Wildfires rage out of control in Australia, prompting evacuations and rescues | ABC News

Tens of thousands of residents have been driven from their homes as part of that country’s largest evacuations ever.

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في ظل التقدم الرهيب والسريع في عالم تكنولوجيا المعلومات اصبح من الممكن ان يكون للك موقع علي شبكة الانترنت تقدم فيه خدماتك او معلومات عن شركتك او حتي معلومات شخصيه عن نفسك لتعرضها امام العالم كله باقل التكلفه ةبافضل صوره واسرع وقت من خلال الشبكه العنكبوتيه التي يرتادها الملايين يوميا

من هذ المنطلق قررت شركة ابداع للبرمجيات ان تسخر كل طاقتها للجميع ليحصل علي كل جديد في هذا المجال من خلال فريق محترف من مطوري ومصممي الويب لكي نواكب هذا التطور اللامتناهي لحظه بلحظه لنصل باحلامكم الي واقع ملموس وفي ظل وجود هذ الكم الهائل من الشركات في هذا المجال اصبح من الضروري علينا ان نقدم لكم كل ماهو جدي ومختلف لذلك اصبح لدينا شعار واحد نقدمه لكم


عاجل أول قرار فى الحـ ــرب بقيادة الرئيس السيسى ..!! قرارات مصيرية بأيدى المصريين ..!!
أخبار السودان اليوم | السبت 4 يناير 2020

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  1. ㅋㅋㅋ 거기서 나오라고요 기자양반

  2. Mike jr قال:

    Repent of your wickedness people everybody everywhere repent of your Rebellion against God if not inspect worst to come people hate God with their actions but they love the devil with their actions

  3. Really? You have a fire behind you and telling us you can feel the heat?! Wow! What a hero (sarcasm intended)
    Horrible situation for sure. My heart goes out to youAussie brothers

  4. Laura Lee قال:

    I’m so tired of them blaming climate change on humans if they were really educated they would understand that for ages ice caps of melted and refrozen melted and refrozen

  5. T Boned قال:

    Climate change?????? 183 arrests in Australia responsible for it.

  6. Omg what I saw on the movies its happening now 😢😢😢

  7. We had Hollywood stars in Australia. Honestly we don't want their help. Their leftist ideas are responsible for the fires. We use to have an annual burn offs to reduce the danger of these fires. Because of their carbon credits we can't do that anymore now we have over a million dead animals and dozens of human lives gone. Hollywood sides with our left and supports them. You need to keep these immoral people home we don't want them here. If they went to the bush where this happened they would be hanging from trees by now.

  8. Darwood68 قال:

    Pretty fact based report. . . Then keeping it real with the sudden plug for global warming at the end. Lol

  9. Plz guys pray to animals 😭😭

  10. 183 people arrested for starting the fires. But you continue to tell us it’s climate change.

  11. You can keep that paycheck ABC

  12. That reporter seems super annoying. Like hey check it out we can get into the fire right here and I can act all dramatic and frantic. That’ll be a great shot! Guys breaking news as you can see here fire is hot and it’s also really bad

  13. Why don't you report on the 200 individuals suspected of starting the majority of fires? Seriously tell me why yous sweep that under the carpet? Majority of these fires were started by human activity, even the Australian government and task force set up to combat arsons will tell you this. The information is easily acquired but keep pushing climate change as the culprit fools. Your network is a joke, like most mainstream pushing false narratives, ignoring the truth and spewing propaganda knowing most people won't search for the facts.

  14. Mini Sec قال:

    I wish I can pray but I feel ashamed I don’t know how to pray someone please help me

  15. After this bushfires peoples lost their lives, homes, land damage is huge.Insurance companies are not so fast so many Aussie will live like migrants without homes.

  16. Bro, remember a long time ago when that guy said he was a time traveler and in 2026 I think it was it was invented and he even said it would get THIS bad eventually. I don’t know man. Seems pretty sus to me.

  17. Every one pray for this fire it's not funny. animals people's are dying pray for rain pray for God's healing cause we all have to God is real not fake

  18. This is payback for the way white setters treat the land and the original peoples of Australia.

  19. This is an unsafe tragedy, so…

    Why are u there in the first place?

  20. What makes me so sick is that white people care more about kangaroos and koala bears than the original people of Australia.

  21. DA قال:

    Bible it is written
    Already said

  22. It makes our heart cry🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😭😭

  23. M Tricks77 قال:

    The fire action shot ain't worth your live. Search fire flashover Australian fires mate

  24. Can anyone give me an answer? Why australian authorities are not using artificial rainfalls? It can quench the fire quickly.
    From Bangladesh 🙁

  25. I pray to god : Quench the fire

  26. I mean seriously. If your going to stand there and do a news report in front of a fire. Grab a fucken hose and help put the bastard out! 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  27. Climate change, lol, fucking fruitcake.

  28. Jim Ramos قال:

    Wow deb that was great thank you for your understanding of the situation .god they are hitting us on so meny differant fronts its hard to keep up and live a normal life they get closer and closer everyday to making us slaves

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