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What if UK PM refused to allow another Scottish referendum? BBC News

“It’s not acceptable, and I would caution any future PM against putting themselves in that position” Nicola Sturgeon tells Andrew Marr.

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غرفة الأخبار | تعرف على أبرز الصفقات العسكرية المصرية منذ 2014 حتى الآن
لقاء خاص عبر خبر عاجل لحظة وصولها الى لبنان

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  1. lyn قال:

    I am in England, and I hope you guys have your say and your will. It's bad enough being in England under this corrupt government. I look forward to spending some time in your beautiful country soon. Not all English people stand for this, Boris Johnson and his Muppets. We as people, need to love each other, our struggles and suffering. We are all at the hands of our leaders, who we don't want.

  2. yo, that boy is rude. Tbh, that is just awful to watch, let her finish u prick.

  3. Shouldn't she be laying in a tub somewhere producing caviar for us? .. Just wondering, I'm confused.

  4. Stoddy S قال:

    And she’s another prick. She’s totally oblivious to reality. Thinking she can take on the whole country with her pathetic bullshit. I always think there’s something Fishy going on when Sturgeon is about..

  5. She wants independence for Scotland, and to stay in the EU. Thus shackling Scotland to the Euro and EU laws and directives. What is independent about that. She believes an independent Scotland would be able to keep the Pound as its national currency, even though by constitutional law it is illegal, as spelled out by the Bank of England. If by some miracle Scotland was able to keep the pound, it would be anything but an independent Scotland. The interest rates are set by the Bank of England, for the UK, which Scotland would no longer be part of. This is all fairly basic stuff. There is no sea handy between England and Scotland, therefore as a matter of course the EU and the UK would insist on a hard border. Scotland would not be able to re-join the EU. It would have to go through the process of joining. This has taken up to 8 years, and depends on how quickly Scotland could pull itself out of debt, to meet the financial levels set by the EU for any prospective future member. Which at present Scotland can not meet.This could only be done if Scotland controls its own currency, which the EU would insist be the Euro. Again all basic stuff. If Scotland becomes independent, this woman has never convincingly said how she intends to pay long term for Scottish National Heath, or University education, to name but a few. The UKs funding of which, would after a set period of time be terminated. Her play book resembles that of the National Socialist Party, and their rise to power. Sounds daft, check out Mr Starkey and other academics. This woman has her own agenda and its all Nicola Sturgeon. Wake up Scotland.

  6. BBC news get out from my country india🇮🇳… Corrupt news channel

  7. andy smith قال:

    Jimmy crankie is on a mission to destroy Scotlands economy. England has had influence over Scotland but the EU will squeeze Scotland dry on a scale never seen before.

  8. Stop giving Scotland money,

  9. yep, the E U is just crying out for ironbrew

    Scotland was the armpit of Europe,
    The E U wanted UK to stay, not Scotland lol

  10. will Henry قال:

    Lord protect us from cry baby scots.

  11. my account قال:

    Boris dont mind, he already excludes Scotland when he speaks UK,
    to him uk is england n North ireland
    there you have it people;)

  12. Sturgeon is a TRAITOR, a poodle of the eu. She DOES NOT give a dam about what the Scottish people want, her ONLY goal is to please her masters in the eu, just as May did, and look what happened to her. At the next Scottish election Sturgeon will suffer the same outcome. If the Scottish people wanted to remain in the eu they could have easily voted for Independence, but they voted to remain part of Britain. It's Sturgeon and her traitorous SNP that want tScotland to be completely controlled by the eu…NOT the people.

  13. UK was stronger with the EU. Now the US mops the floor with England. The UK has no teeth when it comes to negotiating with the US. Scottish are very good for sniffing money and opportunities.

  14. TB 2018 قال:

    Oh this one again and her Pedo Party.

  15. wozzo 88 قال:

    Well fuck of u sweaty sock go blow the eu then and fuck bet u come back begging

  16. You voted no already 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. The great Britain is going to split up if thy don't do something about it cuz the young generation got so much hate going in their mind

  18. India has locked Kashmiris at home no one realizes now the whole world is closed now everyone is crying

  19. Is it weird that in the days of corona, i miss this tyoe of news

  20. 10000,000000000 dead pigeon

  21. Amanda قال:

    THIS HOST IS A GODDAMN PRICK, fuck dude let her finish her sentence and stop trying to be smart and check mate politicians you goddamn buckaroo

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