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Trump: It's Not Racist To Call Coronavirus The 'Chinese Virus' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The president is defending his repeated use of the phrase ‘Chinese virus’ when referring to the coronavirus pandemic. Ian Bremmer reacts. Aired on 03/18/2020.
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Trump: It’s Not Racist To Call Coronavirus The ‘Chinese Virus’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

في ظل التقدم الرهيب والسريع في عالم تكنولوجيا المعلومات اصبح من الممكن ان يكون للك موقع علي شبكة الانترنت تقدم فيه خدماتك او معلومات عن شركتك او حتي معلومات شخصيه عن نفسك لتعرضها امام العالم كله باقل التكلفه ةبافضل صوره واسرع وقت من خلال الشبكه العنكبوتيه التي يرتادها الملايين يوميا

من هذ المنطلق قررت شركة ابداع للبرمجيات ان تسخر كل طاقتها للجميع ليحصل علي كل جديد في هذا المجال من خلال فريق محترف من مطوري ومصممي الويب لكي نواكب هذا التطور اللامتناهي لحظه بلحظه لنصل باحلامكم الي واقع ملموس وفي ظل وجود هذ الكم الهائل من الشركات في هذا المجال اصبح من الضروري علينا ان نقدم لكم كل ماهو جدي ومختلف لذلك اصبح لدينا شعار واحد نقدمه لكم


هذا ما فعلته الجزائر لوقف تمدد فيروس كورونا
ورد إلينا فى خبر عاجل منذ قليل

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  1. People should watch NTD news, not manipulating media like this.

  2. Quarantine those who still talks politics and money for them ! It's quiet crazy to see when this is a life and death they are wasting internet strands !

  3. J Flesh قال:

    Why do we call Chinese food, Chinese food?

  4. The real question is… Where did the Coronavirus originated from?? Coronavirus is been out before. Just this time is 10x more affective than the last time. I believe it's was around 2006 and back then.Its kinda strange when they first found this virus was back in 1960s.. THE YEAR OF THE RAT and it's break out this year as also the year of the Rats.. Maybe they needs to study a Rats or mouse for experimenting vaccine.

  5. The United States has set up virus laboratories in countries around Russia, including Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.In Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, there is an American plague virus laboratory, which is close to Xinjiang Province of China.I do not understand why the Americans want to study the plague, is the United States ready to cause another plague pandemic, killing all the people in Eurasia?If plague occurs in Russia, Iran and China in the future, I am not surprised at all.Kazakhstan must immediately shut down this plague virus laboratory and expel American biological warfare experts, because this laboratory is at risk of leaking the virus.

  6. Move to china dear ! You should tell Americans to start working hard and support our own country !

  7. NBC also called it Chinese Virus recently on TV.
    We all know that it is nothing to do with racism.

  8. I'm Asian and I think trump is hilarious

  9. I agree!! it is not racist to say china flu, its where it comes from! They do not mind when we say Chinese food or the Chinese Olympic team…You got to take the notoriety for the bad if you want to claim the good

  10. CHINESE VIRUS isnt racist.
    Chinese are not a race.
    MSM is toxic

  11. Democrats are talking about trump and racism other helping come up with salutions for virus… unbelievable

  12. most worse childish president ever in the history

  13. Darkpaw1 قال:

    It's literally a virus that originated from China. That's no more racist than calling an African American Black.

  14. KUNG-FLU 👍😆🤣😂😅🤣🤪

  15. fe ma قال:

    if you think the coronavirus is bad right now something even worse then the virus is coming into this world soon. repent people, please repent now for the kingdom of GOD is at hand

  16. Thanks a lot China. You guys have single handedly caused thousands of deaths. Get them trump

  17. Trump made a huge mess. Y'all with me here?

  18. KUNG FLU 😂😂😂😂

  19. Josh Yard قال:

    Who cares, why don't you report on real issues? Try to bring people together instead of causing division.

  20. Cisko قال:

    Nothing to see here.. Move on..

  21. How about asking questions about how to help rid the virus, rather than about pointlessly asking about what he calls it.

    But to answer the stupid question, he calls it that is cuz it's from China, and that's a fact and not racist. Stating a fact that a disease came from China is not racist against Chinese people. It does not even imply that Chinese people are less of people. So where are these people getting "racism" from all this?

  22. Cisko قال:

    There are videos of CNN reporters calling it the wuhan virus

  23. JT Doram قال:

    For once, I actually agree with him

  24. Look at Democrat voters being so desperate. So pathetically desperate hahahahahahahahahaha!

  25. China is to blame. Enough said. Boycott china and class action lawsuit. Nobody wanted thisbin their blood. China needs to be punished

  26. JT Doram قال:

    I’m starting to become more and more disillusioned with the left as time goes on

  27. Murali N قال:

    On a serious note, China should shutdown wet markets. They are dangerous to Chinese and rest of the world as well.

  28. K Sam قال:

    Smart reporters were asking lots of good questions.Then you had those who continued with their identity politics. It's so obvious the liberal media race baiters are trying to trap Trump. Repeatedly asking him the same stupid question again if he thinks the virus is "Chinese". Reporters need to educate themselves where it originated. Wuhan, China. Mainstream media is making themselves look stupid.

  29. K Sam قال:

    If liberal mainstream media were smart, they should be pointing their fingers at the Chinese Communist government. If they're so into justice, then get justice for the Chinese people who were the real victims of the CCP's hideous cover up. Get with it MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NYT, etc. If you guys really care, speak up against China's CCP if you have guts.

  30. M M قال:

    President Trump is 200% correct. Calling the virus Chinese virus or Wuhan virus or CCP virus or Xi virus or Wuflu or Kung flu or China Originated Virus in December 19, etc. IT’s NOT RACIST!!! It is the common practice medical naming convention to name new diseases to be named after places, countries or people. Here are some common named diseases: German Measles, Japanese Encephalitis, Spanish Flu, Mexican Flu, African swine flu, Hong Kong avian flu, Guinea Worm, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ross River Fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever,
    Valley Fever, Marburg Virus Disease, Norovirus, Zika Fever, Lassa Fever, Legionnaire’s Disease, etc.

  31. Lmao that’s what my kids said! The Chinese flu!

  32. It's not school shootings, it's American Massacres.

  33. I’m going to call it the Chinese flu from this point forward.
    MSMBC you are so petty it is shameful. We are in the start of a global pandemic and you’re worried about identity politics, pathetic.

  34. Listen there more deaths in New York City this China 🇨🇳 from what they’ve created. We may never even come out of this.

  35. Wow look at that, another liberal news video with more dislikes than likes. The American people already understand the slanted bias here. Thanks for getting Trump more votes for 2020.

  36. MSNBC is focusing on the wrong things, again. I would just call it COVID-19 — but will I pop a PC gasket over geography? Nope. No more than I would if someone called the 1918 flu epidemic the Spanish flu epidemic.

  37. China or Chinese is not a race or ethnicity. It is a place or it is a nation. China the government tried to blame Coronavirus on the United States, so Trump trolled them because it started in Wuhan, China and they tried to cover it up.

  38. Hyungi قال:

    As much as I don’t like trump, it’s not really racist..It started in China. If he wants to call it something else, let him, he’s the president. If some people are gonna say it’s racist to include “Chinese” in virus, why even invent this word. God, people will take anything as racist today. For example when someone involves black involving a person or thing, a lot of times people yell out “YOURE RACIST”. It’s annoying and obnoxious. I’m not saying this because I support trump, I DONT and never will but it isn’t racist.

  39. China virus i agree, all started from China stupid brainless dogs

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