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Tensions escalate in Iran with calls for retaliation l ABC News

Iran’s supreme leader has called for direct retaliation from Iranian forces after thousands of people flooded the streets for General Soleimani’s burial.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz sits down with Iran’s foreign minister:

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States “will pay” for its actions and must “be prepared for the consequences” in the wake of the death of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force who was killed by an American airstrike in Iraq last week.

In a sit-down interview with Zarif in Tehran on Tuesday, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz asked, “Are you concerned that a strong response from Iran will end in an all-out war?”

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في ظل التقدم الرهيب والسريع في عالم تكنولوجيا المعلومات اصبح من الممكن ان يكون للك موقع علي شبكة الانترنت تقدم فيه خدماتك او معلومات عن شركتك او حتي معلومات شخصيه عن نفسك لتعرضها امام العالم كله باقل التكلفه ةبافضل صوره واسرع وقت من خلال الشبكه العنكبوتيه التي يرتادها الملايين يوميا

من هذ المنطلق قررت شركة ابداع للبرمجيات ان تسخر كل طاقتها للجميع ليحصل علي كل جديد في هذا المجال من خلال فريق محترف من مطوري ومصممي الويب لكي نواكب هذا التطور اللامتناهي لحظه بلحظه لنصل باحلامكم الي واقع ملموس وفي ظل وجود هذ الكم الهائل من الشركات في هذا المجال اصبح من الضروري علينا ان نقدم لكم كل ماهو جدي ومختلف لذلك اصبح لدينا شعار واحد نقدمه لكم


Iran news: US air force show off F35 fighter jet power as Trump warns Iran
Iran's foreign minister: Trump prepared to commit war crimes

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  1. peter lee قال:

    ☝️Iranians drink plenty of gravy, yes gravy BISTO,SAY ON THE PACKET BISTO browns BISTO thickens all in one go👍



  4. If an American diplomat goes to Iran to speak on how horrible that Islamic regime is, he will be dealt with in jail.

  5. Engelab قال:

    It's crystal clear that the entire population don't want this old fart
    creepy man in powe.. bring him down Iranians

  6. Engelab قال:

    Message by the Iranian people to European government <<stand by
    the people of Iran and stop supporting mollahs>>

  7. Engelab قال:

    It is a shame how the government of Iran is doing this to its own
    people! Every one of those clerics need to be hanged in public!

  8. jupin1960 قال:

    Absolutely disgusting. Who are you supporting? These terrorists have been screaming death to America since 1976. Democrats and their media puppets should be jailed for treason. Enough!

  9. Tell the Crypt Keeper to take off her scarf around her head and see what happens? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 absolutely ridiculous

  10. Bring our troops out of IRAQ And put them on our US BORDER with Mexico .

  11. This could be up to 2 million people marching. But let me tell you the secret , iran offers free food and good food like lamb shank with lime beans rice to promote motivation for the poor to show up. And that's what every single one of these marchers are exactly: POOR UNEDUCATED BORED & POOR again.
    Do not be scared

  12. Iran has been chanting "death to America" since they declared war on the U.S. in 1979. ABC News is so pathetic.

  13. hang over قال:

    What was the reason why U,S did something that can cause war? They accidentally killed the iranian general therefore they would have paid for what they have done through diplomatic way and not to escalate pride. The question is, whom would need to pay the price???

  14. This guy is funny. We will send another missle up your ass if you that….

  15. America creating chaos after Irak and Syria Iran must be their next victem. All for the oil and Israel. Children get bombed but they dont care inhuman terrorists.

  16. This woman and every single person working for ABC and every other mainstream "news" outlet deserves prison at very best.

  17. Tony G قال:

    What the hell is on her head, is that cold?

  18. How is this journalist Martha alive if Iran is shouting death to America ? Strange

  19. pal pay قال:

    Beavus and butthead commenters mean no brains in america just disenfranchised do nothing slow wits

  20. War is not a solution but the way USA trying to take over every nation under its power and making possession everywhere is really not good.
    The USA must mind it's own business not interfere anywhere and everyone aware of that it's all because the USA need oil and power that's all.

  21. Iran already has nuke from Russia

  22. send planes, trains, semi trucks, and boats,  full of toilets to San Francisco. for the love of god help them poop in peace!!!

  23. People power from Vietnam ready to help iranian to ATTACK USA, WE ARE waiting says Waaarrrrrrr

  24. Steven قال:

    Believe it or not it hard to believe he was a Terrorist 0:53 Pure BS From US Leaders

  25. James P قال:

    Hey Martha is Jane Fonda with you ??

  26. 🙏 stop the war all countrys care each other countrys 🙏

  27. Who hate dawn trump
    I hate him so much hes suck🖕🏼🖕🏼

    👇🏽 so let me know who hate him?

  28. ahmad jr قال:

    All Iranian cities have underground rocket settlements. It is better to call your troops home from the Middle East. America should not be in the Middle East. The Iranian leader said it was just a firm slap in the face of US crime in Suleimani's testimony, so go out of the area sooner. Look forward to our next revenge. You have to understand what all your soldiers in the Middle East have done to the oppressed children of Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria in all these years. Your policy supports child killers like Netanyahu and Ben Salman, and Clinton says we created ISIS, what is your reaction? None. Why? Because you think only Americans have the right to live. We are all human beings, whether in Africa, the Middle East or America. You have to be afraid of Iran's rocket settlements. We are all Suleimani. The one who destroyed ISIS and did so apparently made American politicians very upset. Your politicians say they spent $ 7 trillion in the Middle East. What is the cost? What is the purpose of supporting Isis and Israel? Killing the children of Yemen, Syria and Iraq. One country in the world is literally free and fair, and it is Iran that stands against oppression.

  29. Let em.try we have more allies and more missiles more nukes. Pretty much have more of everything iran doesn't have.

  30. this crowd is organized by government in order to trick the world .the most of iranians cant come in to the street to show their protest if they could you would see what huge crowd means

  31. Wake up islam
    From indonesia

  32. A kid hits another kid, so he hits back… and it goes back and forth. We sound just like children. Will it ever end? Why can't we live in peace?

  33. ItsDark YT قال:

    How bout they kill trump…..

  34. rolback قال:

    Time to sink the Iranian Navy again and end this quickly.

  35. Martha Raddatz needs to retire. This useful idiot was almost in tears covering the terrorists funeral. Why don’t you cover the protests of the people there in Iran who risk their lives to protest the Ayatollahs instead of this staged crap? You’re worse than a useful idiot…you’re a traitor to this country.

  36. Debra Gee قال:

    What a lie!!! Most of them hated the leader!!! Its just a show and play for tv

  37. Jay Yoon قال:

    well it was impressive interview. I wish to send my thank to Raddatz for good interview with Tehran civilians and zariff. it was full of information

    🤯Thanks, President Donald John Trump!

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