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Soleimani: Stampede kills at least 35 mourners at commander's burial – BBC News

At least 35 people have been killed in a stampede as Iranians flocked to the burial of a top commander killed in a US drone strike, Iranian media report.

The deaths led to the postponement of Qasem Soleimani’s burial. A new time will be announced later, officials say.

Soleimani is being laid to rest in his hometown of Kerman with millions already estimated to have packed the streets for funeral processions.

His killing has raised fears of a conflict between the US and Iran.

Soleimani was widely considered the second most powerful man in Iran behind Supreme Leader Khamenei. The US saw him as a terrorist and a threat to American troops.

President Trump adopted a tough stance against Iran after his election and Tehran responded with their own campaign. Tensions were raised further last month after the US attacked an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq it blamed for attacks on US forces.

It is unclear what caused the stampede in Kerman, south-eastern Iran, but vast numbers of people were in the streets ahead of Soleimani’s planned burial.

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في ظل التقدم الرهيب والسريع في عالم تكنولوجيا المعلومات اصبح من الممكن ان يكون للك موقع علي شبكة الانترنت تقدم فيه خدماتك او معلومات عن شركتك او حتي معلومات شخصيه عن نفسك لتعرضها امام العالم كله باقل التكلفه ةبافضل صوره واسرع وقت من خلال الشبكه العنكبوتيه التي يرتادها الملايين يوميا

من هذ المنطلق قررت شركة ابداع للبرمجيات ان تسخر كل طاقتها للجميع ليحصل علي كل جديد في هذا المجال من خلال فريق محترف من مطوري ومصممي الويب لكي نواكب هذا التطور اللامتناهي لحظه بلحظه لنصل باحلامكم الي واقع ملموس وفي ظل وجود هذ الكم الهائل من الشركات في هذا المجال اصبح من الضروري علينا ان نقدم لكم كل ماهو جدي ومختلف لذلك اصبح لدينا شعار واحد نقدمه لكم


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  1. A bunch of uneducated idiots they do the most dumbest shit over there like marrying kids

  2. Fort Red قال:

    Where's all the video footage on the BBC of all the Iranians killed in the last couple months of protest? Just this garbage? Who cares?

  3. Been watching this hoards demonstrating for years. I wonder how they take care of their personal needs? Don't they have jobs? Any studies on how all this anger affects their health?

  4. Well, they don't need trump to do the job after all. Lol

  5. Yall should have stayed home.. Y are ppl praising this man 🙄🤔

  6. Keep spreading lies lol.. where the fuck is the proof of this so called stampede?

  7. A Zone قال:

    Love it. Justice served. Run with the bulls.

  8. Tylical ABC commentary ,virtual praise for a Mass murderer and Cause of much INSTABILITY ("foreign Policy" as this moron calls it) ,at least it caused another 50 deaths of extremists. Note 80% of True Iranians are quietly celebrating his death . Good Job.

  9. Good riddance, nice work president Trump!!!!!!! The general killed lots of Americans.

  10. Lol haha..!!
    Dun you guys feeling the missiles Ash in your asses you ass holes..
    How many died its their very personal affair.. The issue and point is you fired one missile they fired 30..
    This is what we call bravery..!!
    Ass holes son of britches..

  11. Wow dumb asses. Kind of cool actually. Truth tv

  12. John Niks قال:

    He was the "Commander of the elite force" in Iran is such a pathetic statement.

  13. This Announcer is Jiyar Gol… was a young boy in Iran when he watched the promise of the Iranian Revolution turn sour. As an adult and a BBC reporter covering the Middle East, he traveled to South Africa and found a model for compromise and reconciliation that he believes could help Middle Eastern countries now stuck in their transitions to democracy. There are actually many people in Iran that are celebrating the death of this general. They are baking cakes and pastries to give to each other in Celebration. This was reported on the Ken Matthews conservative talk show the other day buy an Iranian woman who was well educated and gave the report of Celebration.

  14. Somebody must have thrown a bar of soap into the crowd 😎

  15. Word of the day: "IRAN"…🏃 Someone yelled 🗣️ "there is a drone above Us" and IRAN over him🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  16. Well these people be considered Martyrs and get 72 virgins???🤨🤔

  17. Irony, get out to see a dead man… get killed

  18. The Ironie of wishing death to everyone you dislike and getting stumped to death while worshiping a mass murderer.

    Can't get any better.

  19. I was wondering nobody shot someone by accident as it happens on alot of their weddings.

  20. These people are nuts!! 35 people killed at a funeral? Yeah, that's normal.

  21. Lam Par قال:

    Every day chanting and praying for death on US and Israel, this time angel of death actually come to them. No kidding, their prayer had been heard loud and clear , being answered again..

  22. The religion of Peace even takes casualties at funerals..

  23. What this man was a god for them

  24. And Hong Kong march have over a million people but 0 casaulty. Really dont know why they acted as if general was their god or parent who died and weep so much for him while dont even care about their own people.

  25. a bird flew over and the mfers thought it was an American drone. lol

  26. beebee c قال:

    Calm down iran…let your anger subside…….a commercial airplane of ukraine was already hit by iran missiles. …let the future of your incoming generation be peaceful and full of good intentions…..make the world a better place to live…….

  27. 35 killed in stampede at the funeral – now that's what I call a buffet.

  28. Now I don't know who is telling the truth or the liars. Why the killing then? BBC this from the UK innocent deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue in Ghana. Morton Hall IRC and Colnbrook IRC I'm still a deportee in Ghana.

  29. They arenot iranian they pay lot money and support by flght snd hotel and food.and come from iragh and Syria and yemen and afghan and Palestinian thier country and Lebanon and more

  30. J. Kincaid قال:

    "You'd think he was Ceaser!?"

  31. Ali Khan قال:

    Iranian nation is so strong and powerful nation of the world

  32. death America.we heat America.Trump is a bad dog

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