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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Washington state bans large gatherings for a region of 4 million people, coronavirus declared a pandemic by World Health Organization, and President Trump suspends from Europe in coronavirus address.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

2:01 Washington State Bans Events With Over 250 People
4:21 World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Pandemic
4:59 Coronavirus Test Shortage Raises Alarm Across U.S.
5:41 First Containment Zone In NYC Suburb As Cases Grow
6:09 March Madness, NBA Game To Be Played Without Fans
6:35 Los Angeles County Reports First Coronavirus Death
7:07 President Makes Oval Office Address On Coronavirus
8:54 Hospitals Warn Patient Surge Could Overwhelm System
10:37 What To Do If You Think You Should Be Tested
11:46 More Than 100 U.S. Colleges Suspend In-Person Classes
13:45 Small Businesses Devastated By Coronavirus Impact
16:13 Harvey weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison
17:52 Sanders Staying In Race After Sweeping Biden Wins

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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من هذ المنطلق قررت شركة ابداع للبرمجيات ان تسخر كل طاقتها للجميع ليحصل علي كل جديد في هذا المجال من خلال فريق محترف من مطوري ومصممي الويب لكي نواكب هذا التطور اللامتناهي لحظه بلحظه لنصل باحلامكم الي واقع ملموس وفي ظل وجود هذ الكم الهائل من الشركات في هذا المجال اصبح من الضروري علينا ان نقدم لكم كل ماهو جدي ومختلف لذلك اصبح لدينا شعار واحد نقدمه لكم


تصوير حصري للأمطار والبرق والرعد المرعب القاهرة الجديدة – العاصفة الترابية في مصر والامطار الرعدية
( خبر عاجل) شوفو وش وقع بعدما انتشار فيروس كورونا virus corona😷😭

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  1. We lie, we steal and we cheat. Shall I say more?

  2. We lie, we steal and we cheat. Shall I say more?

  3. Jesus Christ coming soon. Accept him to save your life.

  4. Chollie s قال:

    That interview was kind of close 😳

  5. Little too late for the USA hospital's to "get ready" for this pandemic- this should of been done over a month ago!! But noooooo – "they" kept saying that the USA will be okay! Look at us now!

  6. Patented 5g bioweapon deception ran by luciferian Freemason deceivers to bring in nwo

  7. if you have a what seems to be slight cold then get tested, in the mean time avoid contact with others. phone parents and grandparents daily t ensure they don't require anything and supply yourself if they do. advising them to stay indoors. if you are found to be unfortunate enough to have the virus ensure that you'er immediate family i.e. children and wife, also anyone you have been in contact with over past 2 weeks and advise then to be tested with you'er children get them tested. america has let you all down badly by not having enough tests available for the population. the government has let you down badly and is still letting you down badly. by this stage there should be enough tests for every citizen of the country, if the government had spent as much on this virus as thy have on backing up and bailing out the stock exchange, there would already be way more than required tests available. but hey only a few people are rich and losing money as the market crashes, its these low numbers of mega rich people the government care about and not the masses. i'd suggest mass demo's but that would mean putting the people in danger. keep safe all and get yourself a decent government fast as you can.

  8. Weinstein has got away lightly in my view, 25 years yet he will be lucky to live for anywhere near 10 years in a prison environment. hes an old man now but what are the chances of don the con giving him a free pass?


  10. Hmmm…here's an idea. Quarantine the frail elderly and those with health conditions that put them at risk. House them in hospitals, care facilities, or at home if possible. Make sure they have caregivers (who test negative before entering) and all needed supplies. Then just let the virus run its course with the rest of the population, providing medical care WHEN needed. Natural immunity would develop and this would be a non issue likely in a few months. But no, here's what we do. Media and government send conflicting messages. Promote unnecessary panic. Wait until it is a serious situation before taking any action. Then demand closures of businesses and schools, thus impacting incomes and causing economic collapse….and folks start hording toilet paper! We humans are brilliant I tell ya!

  11. Bernie's free health care sounds good right now dosent it. Contracting something that you have no fault of contracting and having a month long doctor bill sound f up right not to mention losing your job.

  12. Bill gates has patent pending on coronaviris,he needs to be arrested.

  13. I think he means "figuratively, everyone in the world it talking about it."

    STOP USING "LITERALLY" to say something figurative.

  14. It's GMO Foods, that alone is the worldwide epidemic!!! 👑

  15. When people get sick with the virus from GMO Foods, they called it the Coronavirus!!! 👑

  16. Pointing out the race of the child is racist .

  17. O yes let no tragedy go to waste right out of saul Lewinsky hand book.


  19. Will T قال:

    If I were evil I would target the "biggest and the best", and attack the one thing that you value more the your mountains of gold……your health and wellbeing…. I would create an evil that "could" spread to the entire world. It would start in a way where no court could substantiate any blame, and few could tell the difference between the evil and what was "normal and accepted". Then I would sneak into their data collection system and change all of what was "normal and accepted", to my evil, so that the masses would panic. I would use "the global network" to spread the chaos, and weaken them from within. I would continue my manipulation of the "negatives" to "positives" until "the biggest and the best" is in a state of hysteria and eating itself from the inside out. I would continue my manipulation until "the biggest and the best" was about to crash, BECAUSE people had worked themselves into a Panic about their "health and wellbeing", …..

    Then!!, I would strike…hard and fast…

    What is happening?
    What will you do after we overcome all of it??
    What will you do tomorrow???

  20. Zion قال:

    Praise yahawaha he has brought another plague on esau.and the other heathen

  21. Talksense قال:

    That last story with the girl is so precious,
    and yes she's very Beautiful!

  22. NBC keeps trying to say "not enough has been done" to try to make Trump look bad. What you are asking is ridiculous. QUIT IMPLYING THAT THIS IS TRUMPS FAULT WHEN HE IS DOING MORE THAN ANYONE COULD IMAGINE TO FIX THIS MESS!!!

  23. Has anyone noticed that people in China or South Korea who are involved with dealing with the virus on the frontlines are covered from head to toe in protective gear. Not 1inch is exposed, whereas in many videos of Western Countries the responders are not so covered. Have they not learned anything from those who are winning this fight? Everybody has to wear masks so as to not infect others and have a degree of protection in China and S Korea, yet in the Western Countries we are being advised not to do so. This is insane.btw, you guys can get the masks prepared on BuyTheMask.com if you can't find it in the local store, things will get worse and you should all wear mask,I am not getting anything from the website for doing this, just bought some from them and i think it's good.

  24. This is like a bad zombie movie!

  25. That sweet beautiful little girl made me cry!

  26. Travel restrictions? It's too late to close the barn door after the animals have gotten out!!! We needed tests 2 months ago! I'm a nurse & the hospitals still don't know who has this because you have to be on deaths door to get a test…ridiculous!! For every positive case we have now…there are a hundred people that person exposed because they were spreading the germs for weeks prior to the test. WE BLEW THIS BY NOT MASS TESTING IN JANUARY. All because our president was so stupid that he thought if he ignored this it would go away. He cared only for the stock market & thought if he went to his go response…TO LIE…all would work out as it always has for him. My sister an ignorant low IQ trumper told me in the first week of March not to worry that it was all a democratic hoax. OMG, then we heard him say he wanted to keep the numbers low so he didn't want the people on that ship to be properly treated. What was he waiting for? We all saw in real time as the Doctors & scientists were educating him on live TV as to why we need to do trials first with vaccines….why wasn't he educated prior to the press conference?? Because he doesn't listen!!! He is surrounded by sycophants who tell him he's doing a great job when he has totally blown it!!! He inherited a pandemic control program from Obama which successfully protected us from ebola….& he dismantled it!!

  27. The world is facing a Pandemic and the War Mongers are sill complete morons fighting over sand.

  28. Oh no! This Democratic hoax just won't go away! Just another Liberal smear campaign against the President says Fox news! (SMDH) Maybe we should quarantine and curfew Fox news!!

  29. What teacher would go to work if there getting sick pay for doing nothing, same as when there at school doing nothing, but turning under educated students to collect welfare .

  30. wizman144 قال:

    Youre body receves and emitts energy every time you think, experience emotion ( positive and negitive ) etc. Fear produces a powerfull energy that is cast into the empty air ( Eather ). Masonic controlled media and fake news stories provide a psycological stumulas to the viewer that results in an energy field that could be fed upon by demonic forces. Stay calm and be positive. You will never contract " covid-19 Corona virus."

  31. wizman144 قال:

    My post wont be up long

  32. SGlitz قال:

    I guess Illegal immigrants are bad after all. 🙂 Build the wall!

  33. It's called the flu.feed a cold ,starve a fever.grow a pair and except your gonna die one day and probably poop yourself.definately poop yourself!

  34. In 2009 the media, including Lester Holt here , was in lock step with the Obama administration when they said nothing as 12,000 Americans died from the swine flu pandemic. Hypocrite much Lester? The media was too busy being friends of the administration instead of being journalists and it cost alot of people their lives. Right Lester? After 6 months they still didn't have enough test kits. ZERO urgency from the media as 59 million Americans contracted the virus due to no quarantines or restrictions and 265,000 hospitalized. During all of that the media actually spent more time hyping the Oscars that year than they spent mentioning the swine flu pandemic. Not one store shelf ran out of anything as 12,000 Americans just quietly died. There were families who tried to sue Obama for negligence. No one remembers that because the media stuffed all negative stories for years including some other truly HORRIFIC things that you should know but you don't. We're at 50+ deaths over 3 months now and nothing warrants the media hysteria. They're acting the way they should have acted when the first 6,000 people died but Obama got held to a much lower standard. It's called the bigotry of low expectations. Normally it doesn't matter but the media's job is to sound the alarm IF the govt isn't doing it. Instead they put the President's legacy and appearances ahead of the American public and it actually cost thousands of lives. F U Lester, et al.

  35. March the 11th be my birthday OOF and jokes on you my grandpa is already dead PFFT

  36. Where were all of you people in 1982 ? You left a large segment of society to fend for themselves. No sympathy here. This is God's punishment on you and your kind. Sound familiar ?


  38. Divide land of ghost five because y'all do not listen to God

  39. Ghost G قال:

    Human hibernation

  40. What do you have to do to make NBC post their news every night on the YouTube channel shame on them especially right now with all this serious issues going on emailing them directly doesn’t help because I already did and that didn’t solve the problem you’re negligent NBC

  41. Peace, love and mercy be with all those in Christ Jesus

  42. Weeks to learn to be a tiny bit self reliant. Plant seeds in an old tire. Learn just one skill during this time and raise the SURVIVAL IQ of the entire population….

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