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Merkel: Most people in Germany likely to contract Coronavirus | DW News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that up to 70 per cent of the German population could contract the coronavirus. As Germany reported its third death from the virus, Merkel said the country must do everything possible to slow the virus’s spread and prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. She also said she was open to scrapping her country’s strict spending rules to help the government fight the spread of the virus. Merkel called on people to show solidarity with the elderly and people suffering underlying illnesses, who are likely to be most severely affected.

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أخبار اليوم | تعرف على المحافظات التي ستتأثر بأمطار ورياح "منخفض التنين" في مصر
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  1. jim doe قال:

    How can she say those numbers unless she knew already and hid it

  2. Ангела. Меркер. Имам. Предложение. За. Апаратура. За. Вирос. В. Пазара. За. Всякаде. Нормален. Живот. С. Апарат.

  3. Специален. Часовник. Против. Вирос. Часовник. Нормален. Живот. ангела. Меркер

  4. Thnx China I'm now voting for trump⊂((・▽・))⊃

  5. There are two forces working one destabilize the whole world and other trying to put it in a place .

    Congrats to all the people who are working for world and humanity.

  6. Only strong 💪🏿 dictators can deal with this virus 🦠 because they have the will

  7. Mr DJ WAL قال:

    politicians are a bunch of baffoons

  8. ‪Please tell everyone‬
    ‪Self-made masks’ potential to reduce society demands significantly. ‬
    ‪We the people can make masks by ourselves. ‬

    ‪Change your perspective and wear a mask. ‬
    ‪Wearing a mask is as effective as wearing a condom.‬

    ‪youtu.be/H6zHT6HUV3M 来自 @YouTube‬

  9. Better check all those American military bases in Germany. Most likely they planted more viruses in Germany.

  10. ross mann قال:

    Horrible to see like Germany fall down again, just by utter arrogance of political elite, like 75 years ago. Once again are ordinary Germans send to slaughter house like sheeps.

  11. The open borders of Europe and their reluctance of closing it for fear of being labeled racist has resulted to Koran virus and now Corona Virus aka Covid 19. Well done putting your people in harms way time and time again.

  12. This news commentators are so annoying slow and repetitive, waist

  13. 4:57 Derek said you can have immunity after contracting the Virus: you still can catch it again if your immunity system us low. China already confirmed patients that tested positive again after 15 days.

  14. World leaders should learn from her , she’s not preparing for the best , she’s preparing for the worst .

  15. German should learn from France or Italy

  16. someone fix her mic, it sounds like she has custard in her mouth when she speaks.

  17. so if the people who recovered are immune to this after, why we don't take from their blod antidote,because their body created already immunity sistem for this virus !

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  19. Basil VII قال:

    Best part of all of this are the many ppl here that still don't get that this is serious. They're so brain dead its infuriating. They meet in parks, they meet at home to party with others, it's just sad. Even today I walked by a full pub…

  20. Mr. Spock قال:

    Funny how some Americans talk about Germany- Meanwhile Spring Breakers are partying… ROFL

  21. I should think she is the 30% who won’t catch it.

  22. TheLio666 قال:

    Angela Markel is covid19 positive

  23. To contract coronavirus.. 🤔 what about unemployed English 🤔

  24. What about
    Hugo Boss

  25. The most dangerous are tourist and reporters cos they don’t respect quarantine and spread the virus

  26. Find the cure…. Unite entire world team all the scientists, doctors , students , professors, make an online open source flatform convert all industries to medical factories ..MNCs companies , rich people , government fund heavily on research and development of cure and vaccine….

  27. Chain was playing a game with world do not purchase any single product chains

  28. (Today March 27) … Germany 50,178 confirmed cases 321 deaths = 0.6% mortality … Why so low a death rate compared to the rest of the world? Because Germany does extensive diagnostic tests. Germany's results reveal this as a scam

  29. Mack قال:

    The biggest mystery is who is the lovely frau in the thumbnail?

  30. No, everyone in all society's will get this, and over and over again. Unless your a hermit with absolute isolation in some wilderness and then maybe yet still be at risk seeing this stuff can live over 4 days on a substrate and stay suspended in air 3 hours. This virus can travel over a hundred and fifty miles all by itself. If a person coughs up wind of you even if you practice social distancing it wont keep you safe. This virus is .0125 micron in diameter, no fibre mask can stop it even HEPA filtration would have a hard time stopping it. The only hope for many people is to not catch it during the explosion of it so that our health care system can cope with it. Many people have gotten it and gotten over it and not even known what they had it. Flatten the curve by staying home! Time to be a hero humanity!!

  31. Hey Germany. Just build some showers. Isn’t that how you solved your last major problem? I’m sure a few million of you could use a good “hand washing”

  32. Never mind. I'm pretty sure their claimed death rate will be miraculously low.

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