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Fox News Live: Senators question Trump legal team, impeachment managers | Day 8

Impeachment managers and president Trump’s legal team have made their arguments. Now, senators can submit questions to Chief Justice John Roberts who will ask on their behalf. The legal team and impeachment managers will have five minutes to respond to each question. Wednesday is the first of two sessions scheduled for these questions. Chief Justice Roberts is expected to gavel-in at 1 p.m. ET. #FoxNews

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  1. If Biden was innocent, why don't he sue the President for defamation

  2. ping pong قال:

    Dear Joe Biden and all democrats running for the presidency of the United States, your policies are wrong your open borders are wrong your free medical is wrong your failure to enforce our countries laws is wrong I’m very sorry we don’t want you as our commander and chief

  3. As a English as second language speaker, after I heard some evidences provided by the impeachment managers I am convinced there is corruption. I believe the world would not trust the US government any more. High school student would know what is right or wrong if they were gave the definition of corruption don't mention those people in US congress and senate. Trump did a lot right things for American, immigration reform, renegotiate trade policies, etc. I believe he truly wants to make America better. But I also believe he is a business man who only cares about profit and goals but not what is right or wrong. The world could trust America anymore. US policy and change as soon as US president changes. Any deal made with international partners can be disregard because people in the government only cares about politics. I came from a country where corruption is norm. I often convince my friend how righteous and democratic Americans are but now I am speechless.

  4. The Democrats have completely established they will do WHATEVER it takes to unseat the President of the USA 🇺🇸 INCLUDING- embarrassing our great country by trying to remove the BEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD!! Other countries are watching!!! My family and friends around the world tell me how they pray and hope to one day have a leader like President Trump. They are stunned at how he has been treated since he took office. They ALL BELIEVE, looking outside the bubble, only FOOLS would want him out of office!! How right they are! I tell my family and friends that not ALL Americans agree with these foolish idiots. Democrats have worked very HARD these past few years. They have worked so hard for the people, they say. What the Democrats have done for the people of America, is prove they will go to any length to show clearly, to the American people just how crooked and corrupt they are. A lot of Americans already knew this or felt it may be possible. After the results of the Mueller Report and now this laughable impeachment sham, the Democrats have finally shown, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT, not only the American people, but the world, their undeniable hatred for President Trump. The Democrats have not only embarrassed the United States of America with their nonstop plotting behavior to remove our president, they’ve foolishly allowed the American people to truly witness, that the Democratic Party, DOES NOT, care about our country or the people. EVERYONE, Democratic or Republican, in our great country that can read, understands our country Is GREAT AGAIN! Americans are proud of the amazing accomplishments and promises kept by President Trump. In my opinion, the Democratic Party have done nothing for the people in the last 3 years other then, continue their faithful pursuit in removing a magnanimous man, who loves his country and respects the people that elected him to office, President Donald John Trump. In my opinion, the continued CORRUPT, FACT LESS, ongoing, showdown
    behavior (AGAIN) of the Democratic Party, against our President, should have some form of punishment. President Trump needs to be able to CONTINUE the grand job he has done and will do for this country and the American people, WITHOUT this complete utter nonsense from the Democrats simply because they DO NOT like him or his policies. Ugh 😩 let’s get on with keeping our country GREAT!! 🙋🤗🥰😬😋
    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 USA USA USA USA USA 👏👏👏👏👍

  5. Ed Dee قال:





  6. They never answer direct questions the Democrats down to go around the question and never do answered

  7. A J قال:

    Whatever happens, there still a very large majority of sound mind
    Americans that see through the lawyers/GOP/Republicans BS, no matter how
    much lipstick they put on that pig Trump, he guilty as hell! THEY KNOW
    IT! History will not speak kindly of them, they'll be known as the
    cowards, traitors to our Constitution & "We The People!"…To a
    deranged and dangerous mind who was unstable a lying insane man known as
    Trump, their King, who was played by the best, Putin, and Trump played
    them all! …….Disgrace, ever last one of them! 'Sleeping With the

  8. First Last قال:

    By accident I wandered into the CNN world. Almost all of them , the left, believes that Trump is guilty. So don’t sell them short. Comes November it’s gonna be an uphill battle.

  9. Dani G قال:

    FIRST LAST agreed, and we need to IMPEACH Nancy Pelosi and Pencil-Neck Shifty Schiff FOREVER!! All the Democrats who participated in the Impeachment Hoax should be banned from holding public office the rest of their lives. Go Trump 2020.

  10. Hey Congressman Schiff, you keep saying the same things over and over even though it has been shown that what you say DOES NOT TRANSLATE INTO AN IMPEACHABLE EVENT. Quit ignoring the law and the Constitution of the United States of America and STOP WASTING MY TAX DOLLARS. YOU SHOULD BE SUED TO PAY BACK THIS MONEY AND BE OUSTED FROM YOUR POSITION FOR NOT ABIDING WITH OUR CONSTITUTION, you know, THE ONE YOU TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD!

  11. The House have the opportunity to call witnesses, but they chose not to; Now, They want to drag this out until the election time. The socialist have an agenda.

  12. Fkn crooks highland county also

  13. Brian Redd قال:

    Adam is taking Mick Mulvaney‘s words out of context and expecting all of us to fall for it.

  14. Anitas قال:

    While you all are cheering if 45 is not impeached and removed, he will be the dictator of America. And will have the power to do anything he wants. He will be above the law. What a shame for the country. Acquittal only means more corruption by him.

  15. E. B. قال:

    Schiff, do you lie?

  16. nickev96 قال:

    Are they voting? I just got here.

  17. A Republican State Representative in Utah, Tim Quinn, introduced a bill that would allow U.S. voters to recall senators.

    The Great America PAC supports this legislation because if this Mitt Romney flips-voters should be able to hold Mitt Romney's Anti-Trump actions accountable. Romney has failed so far, but make no mistake, this is an insidious threat that can't go ignored.

  18. Adam any calls from Russians lately hahaha only you could be that stupid , oh wait same thing happened to McCain too ,you know that guy that everyone wants to crap on his grave

  19. Angie قال:

    The Democrats are not gonna let anything go. Even if they did have witnesses, and it didn't

    help them out they are still gonna find something else. This has been going on through the Presidents term. There's nothing that can satisfy them unless he's removed. I like what the President has done. I wasn't happy when he got elected, but in the last year I have changed my mind. I'm an independent voter, and will be voting for our President this time around.🇺🇸🙏☮

  20. Big Worm28 قال:

    Why this dude look and sound like that dude on Green Mile L😆L 🤦🏿‍♂️

  21. I think we need supernatural the Winchesters to (call out Trump) interrupt this madness

  22. DJ Pony قال:

    8:10:01 look at that dudes eyes, he’s been there a while…

  23. America is right up there with the Russians and others where political corruption will be the norm…

  24. Lofgren lady seems to be a complete idiot, why is she even talking.

  25. Blue C قال:

    Republicans = terrorists in suits
    Democrats = terrorists in suits

  26. ZenCoder قال:

    trump supporters are like pedophiles, Both make really bad decisions and both know what they are doing is wrong.

  27. ZenCoder قال:

    We Dems should thank you really. Thanks to your "The POTUS can break no law" The next DEM will make sweeping changes you won't believe. LOL Single-payer health care for all! Undue everything trump did. Just wait to see all the good things coming and you won't be able to impeach. You folks are short-sighted idiots.

  28. Trump2020🇺🇸❤️😎 Make left criminal and corrupt criminals communistic DemonRATS cry again. Ha ha ha

  29. D R قال:

    Focus on real issues in our country! Public Education!!!
    Why is prayer allowed in Congressional Chambers and state legislatures throughout the country, yet not allowed in public education?

    Time to focus on public education! Our children are our future leaders!!! Wake up!!! Politicians need to get their heads out of their a$$!

    Impeachment on all corrupt politicians! Demand for resignation!!!

    Ethical hacking is in the works! Expose them all!!!
    Bring to light corrupt politicians!

  30. So if Bolton refused to testify in the house, why is he volunteering to testify in the senate? That's my question, smells like someone got to him? Or did I miss something that would have changed Bolton's mind? And if the call was so bad then why did Bolton say there was nothing wrong with the call two times in August of 2019?

  31. The Democrats are proving their incompetency. What and embarrassment.

  32. Bolton was paid 3 million dollars? for his conveniently timed book?

  33. J C قال:


  34. J C قال:



  36. marc allen قال:

    Trump completely out his mind…thinks Chiefs play in Kansas

  37. The most corrupt president in history yes you are going to go down in history Mr. Trump the absolute worst president ever in America

  38. So your cronies below you voted to not let anybody talk in a trial is that corrupt but then again Donald Trump nothing you do is honest

  39. It’s definitely a sham impeachment when the Republicans won’t let anybody testified the sham is Donald Trump and the liar is Donald Trump and the person that tried to cheat in the next election is Donald Trump

  40. David Hess قال:

    It seems very very obvious to me and to most, that President Trump doesn't need the help of anyone to beat Biden or any other democrat in 2020, so the motive for this impeachment is kapoot.

  41. Nina N. قال:

    I had completely forgotten about the crucial importance of diversity!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    At last the woke democrats bring diversity, hence excellence to the table!

  42. C B قال:

    Trump is a creep. He's bad for the environment, He's bad for women, He's bad for America.

  43. What if some guidelines lines pertaining to Forsyth County employees pay isn't handled properly per Presiden Trumps speech.For example County employees are told they will need to use all their comp pay or vacation pay first .Then any other pay the county pays need they th ed employees go in the hole and will hav ed to pay back that money to the county as they get to work

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