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Esper: Iran will face 'severe response' if U.S. is challenged

Fox News Exclusive: After the U.S. Embassy attack in Iraq, Defense Secretary Mark Esper tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ that actions by Iran or its proxies will be met with a severe and strong response by U.S. forces. #FoxNews

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أخبار المغرب الظهيرة اليوم الخميس 2 يناير 2020 على القناة الثانية 2M
تعرف على رد مصر بعد موافقة البرلمان التركي على إرسال قوات إلى ليبيا

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أضف تعليقا

  1. Seven .8 قال:

    You can only claim self defence from a place of ownership and welcomed presence , you have been the aggressor and invader for twenty years , please save yourselves from more embarrassment from thankfully now a very strong Iraqi and Iranian position

  2. Hahaha you Americans will suffer just as much lol

  3. JOSH UA قال:

    The US can't leave iraq because it's the 2nd largest oil deposit in the entire world.

  4. The Pentagon became a rubber stamp for the President

  5. “You don’t listen do you?

    – You ask the same questions every time

    -How is the situation in the Middle East?

    – Is the U.S. ready to respond to an attack?

    – All I said is that the U.S. is ready to respond..

  6. Propper Ganda bs, the bankers that run this world want this to happen so they could get rich from both sides of the war

  7. Since 1400 century this gang stars been destroying the world, brainwashing amerikkkans, making them believe they are part of this evil adventure, the money you spend in war and oppression it could help amerikkka and make it a better place. This government working only for oil companies and bankers. Hope one day beautiful Americans will realised enough is enough and lock all this criminals for good.

  8. Living in a hateful world sending me straight to heavon

  9. He never mentioned the safety of his allies… never mentioned safety of the inocent Iraqi people??? But yet your attacking from there land?

  10. I American dies yall been killing innocent people for 519years

  11. Liars, only Propaganda. Peace and freedom for the people. Do not trust this system of lies

  12. I hope somebody very close to Trump gets that 8o million bounty

  13. Iraqui security never trust. I saw another video iraqui’s police helping iranians to attack US embassy.

  14. Amerika is afraid of iran that why lie amerika show your force to iran if you claimed you are super power .. show theme not use other country to engaged the iranian show not in media

  15. John Smith قال:

    Wow, just heard it was the Iranians who shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane by mistake with one of their dodgy missiles.

    Was there a target onboard and the rest of the passengers were collateral damage?

  16. American's really do not know that they are being inundated by lies and propaganda 24/7. This is a prime example. I f you believe anything on Fox news you are a fool. And probably an old fool. No fool like an old fool boomers.

  17. America have the worst President! Who don't know how to use diplomacy and peaceful dialog.
    America is the one who promoting war! If America evacuate Iran there will be no war!

  18. sometimes have a lesson iran behaviour and be patience either

  19. Tally Man قال:

    Bullying… hmm

  20. You world leaders need to wake up if Iran can't control a little rocket what makes you think they can control a nuclear rocket!!

  21. Trump has lost all credibility, he warned IRAN not to retaliate, they did then Trump comes on TV sniffling like a boy who got a spanking. I am sure No Korea, Iran, Russia and China are now laughing at us.

  22. This guy is like if Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper and Zac Efron had a love child.

  23. Vinny Kemp قال:

    De_escalation of the effects of US-Iran (n' Proxies) Tensions calls for a whole unification of Defensive messurs by Alies and all, err factor considered.
    Considering The mastery of Iran's use of Proxies calls for some serious Harmony anywhere US interests are bound to exist. Its serious.👌

  24. The politicians making all these threats to Iran should need their kids to attack Iran….

  25. So let's the party rock…what are u waiting for

  26. Bullsh^^t us youre robber of the world…

  27. Techipit قال:

    Watch as absolutely nothing changes

  28. Iran is a small weak country with small weak people

  29. Do not be a fool Esper if you want Palestine liberation today attack Iran… Thank God Trump did not take the bait..

  30. You do not have the capability maybe with your allies you throw some punches… you need 1million man to get Iran attention. Iran Iran Iran. You will get your wish

  31. Esper promised no retaliation on Vindman. What a sleezebag. He is almost as disgusting as Donald Trump.

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