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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson sets out "drastic action" 🔴 @BBC News – BBC

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Boris Johnson has said people in the UK should avoid “non-essential” travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus.

The prime minister said people should work from home where possible as part of a range of stringent new measures.

Pregnant women, people over the age of 70 and those with certain health conditions should consider the advice “particularly important”, he said.

People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the House of Commons “the disease is now accelerating”.

In the first of a series of daily briefings on the virus, which causes the Covid-19 disease, Mr Johnson said “drastic action” was needed as the UK approaches “the fast growth part of the upward curve” in the number of cases.

Mr Johnson said that by next weekend, those with the most serious health conditions must be “largely shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks”.

The prime minister will host Monday’s press conference with UK chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser

Boris Johnson will outline the next steps in the UK’s plan to fight coronavirus at the first of a series of daily news conferences.

The briefing will follow a Cobra meeting which is expected to look at what steps the government could take to protect elderly and vulnerable people.

The over-70s have been told they are allowed to go out for walks when their period of staying at home begins.

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  1. While in Italy the titles, broadcasts and social networks are long invaded by the much-talked-about "coronavirus", 20,000 American troops land at 7 European airports and will be joined by another 10,000 American soldiers already present in Europe and another 7,000 soldiers from Europe. different European countries.

    A total of 37,000 armed soldiers for what purpose? To help states stop this exalted virus or help those who have contracted it?
    Absolutely not !!!

    They came to move or, using the words of top US officials to "spread" across Europe to start "Europe Defender 20" in April which should end in July !!
    Have citizens been informed about what this is? Obviously not!
    "Europe Defender 20" is an exercise designed by the US government in collaboration with NATO to "test" strategies that will be used by the US and Europe (confirming their submission to the US), if there is a threat of a hypothetical war.
    Threat from whom?
    Obviously, US officers bypass the answer without making any clarifications and use the generic phrase "hypothetical threat".
    Obviously, the only hypothetical threat that can be attributed to American thought is Russia (China's ally) with whom they have long created high tensions.

    But let's analyze.
    For this exercise, in addition to the 37,000 soldiers, 14,000 military vehicles (ie tanks, helicopters, etc.) will be brought from outside and proportionally as much ammunition.
    So given the "virus", will the soldiers come up with the appropriate masks and precautions to do this "exercise"?
    Obviously not !!!

    2. According to US officers, these soldiers are, therefore, jumping in case they have no right to contract "coronavirus".

    Something is wrong !!!

    Here are the questions that arise:
    – Why, if it is just an exercise, is it not postponed, given the WHO note on the spread of this virus and the media, social, health, political and economic chaos it generates in the world?
    – Why can citizens get this virus, and the US military can move smoothly?
    – Why was it decided to carry out this geographical exercise in a position that would provide for a hypothetical conflict with Russia and not in other areas that look at other horizons?
    – Why don't 95% of the media talk about this?
    – Why don't all the representatives of Italian politics talk about this?
    – If the soldiers are exempt, does this mean that the virus is not the one that is so dangerous or there is already the possibility of a vaccine and to make a human being immune and is not said?
    – If American soldiers contracted the virus, wouldn't they become an exponential cause of the virus spreading themselves?
    Russia has asked many questions about this exercise to which it has not received an answer and, on the basis of it, has already stated that it will maintain its military position within its borders, which does not prevent such a soothing scenario with two armed parties: is it an exercise or it is not.

    To recap:
    China, Russia's ally, entered into a contract months ago with Italy (a key country for Europe for trade relations in the Mediterranean and for its strategic position if there are conflicts) to make the trade relations stronger and more important between Italy and China and making America's power over Italy less important, even insignificant.

    The coronavirus starts in China, but it explodes incredibly in Italy, not only from a health point of view, but especially fueled by the world media, despite the fact that the trigger case is not related to an Italian.

    For years, China and Russia have been the undisputed business opponents of the US, as their importance greatly amortises the dollar's monopoly on the global market and this, for the US, creates significant power losses both economically and economically. geopolitical view.

    For some time, America has been doing its best to provoke Russia with market movements and military dislocations over everything that affects its commercial and geopolitical interests.

    Now, while the citizens of the world are designed with their eyes and ears on Europe, China and Italy, America, on the other hand, without taking into account the chaos that is objectively present about a virus that even virologists say things about. diametrically opposed, he decides to continue an exercise which, if it were so, could be easily postponed in a more peaceful period.

    3. So why so much pressure for American soldiers to use
    weapons in alarming quantities for a simple exercise, despite knowing that this triggers a high level of alert in Russia?

    The "coronavirus" phenomenon is a useful tool to distract and prepare a large part of the world's citizens for something more important that has to happen or for which someone is preparing to happen and that has nothing to do with the virus, but with an interruption. of the global geopolitical system.

    Something is happening and it's not about the conspiracy, but about geopolitical facts that are already verifiable at this time in 7 European countries.

    This is the subject you have to ask yourself!

  2. Coronavirus is punishment for people sins (whoredom, sodomy, greed for money). Modern values for the most are money, libertinism, feminism etc. Think about this. We live like animals.

  3. The cases of corona are starting to rise. . .

    That's because they dont need to be in the cellar. . . The bar has been busier than usual, and the chiller fridges need restocking

  4. A China comemorava o controle do vírus. na verdade eles comemorava porque seus planos deram certo. só faltou um dos objetivos que era o cancelamento da olimpíadas

  5. John DR قال:

    fake news

  6. acabobie قال:

    UK doesn't close schools: like the Deus Ex intro, "WHY CONTAIN IT?"

  7. Christine قال:

    England acted too late because of your incompetent " leader"!! Almost as stupid as Trump"

  8. skyboss6 قال:

    where is the german queen and her lazy family

  9. skyboss6 قال:

    boris u are a dunce

  10. skyboss6 قال:

    give willy and kate Taxpayers Money

  11. skyboss6 قال:


  12. The health care workers have no enough protections at work due to very low supply of PPE plus they have to send their kids to school so they can work, these will double the risks of contracting the virus as both parents and kids being exposed. In short families of health care workers are the least priorities for being protected against the virus. While everyone can self isolate the families of frontliners are ok to get the risks.

  13. seasonal flu is much more dangerous than this coronavirus since 10 million people die every year from seasonal flu this is a lot more than coronavirus, so why didn't the media talk about it in past years? And right now they sound the alarm and sow panic and people succumb. Goebbels was probably right about the media. canceled sports and other events are all the work of politics; this is all one system. celebrities know about it but are silent. In China, for example, a baby recovered without any medicine. There is also information that coronavirus is attributed to patients with simple flu and spread panic in the media. these facts say that coronavirus is fake

  14. if coronavirus is true then why do people recover without a vaccine ??? why do people who have seasonal flu attributed to coronavirus ??? why only some elderly people with chronic illnesses die. Why is the media constantly sowing panic ??? there are no other problems ???

  15. This clown has to work now, but is missing the tools to do it properly.

  16. AB molla قال:

    Save yourself from virus no.1.wear burkha 2.practice wazoo to clean yourself properly. 3.pray namaz five times a day to apologise to Allah the almighty who created everythings

  17. We need to clean the streets with water intinfction some countries are doing it at the moment. All the streets need to be washed

  18. EF Waves قال:

    Who’s this lunatic talking all this nonsense? Has he a braindamage ? Is he reading a script of a movie? 😀

    It’s all a stage folks. This Boris is a puppet of the elite, and we are the brainwashed audience. Listen at 7:40, “For the part you are PLAYING and gonna PLAY” (because we have been brainwashed and still are being brainwashed day in day out). “Repeat lies, day in day out, and peoplemwill believe it”.
    We they people have been brainwashed since birth so the people are just victims of their scripted scenario, they control you as you people aren’t using your brains anymore.

    What he really says is to read here:

    Don’t get the vaccine, that’s the virus !!!
    Once people are vaccined, a lot will die and will be accounted as “Died from the Corona virus”.
    Don’t believe me? Take the vaccine then and if you’re lucky you can come here later and tell me all the nasty words you want.
    And to be honest I truly prefer to be wrong. Not that I like to be insulted, but I prefer you live, not die.
    To be continued…. maybe, if we still have x#&@%+-*&@#£

  19. t0mme1981 قال:

    Boris is ramping up his ramping up. Sounds as boring as Theresa May’s strong and stable bollocks.

    Boris the bald headed pillock.

  20. I will be praying for this great gentleman.

  21. which is not being adhered to

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